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Introducing the Depth Charge system of  Interchangeable Swimbait Inline / Chin Weights.

This game-changing innovation will take your fishing game to new depths! Designed with precision, speed and versatility in mind, these chin weights are the ultimate tool for customising your swimbait or soft lure presentation.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each weight is expertly engineered to provide optimal balance and stability to your swimbait, ensuring a lifelike swimming action that will illicit a strike from even the more cautious and wily of predators.

Featuring an innovative interchangeable design, these chin weights allow you to easily adjust the balance and sinking depth of your swimbait without the hassle of changing lures or jigheads. With a variety of weight options and colour options available, you can effortlessly adapt to different water conditions, depths, and target species, giving you the flexibility to maximize your fishing success.

Whether you're targeting Barramundi, Murray Cod, Black Bass, Muskellunge, Pike, or other predatory fish, these chin weights are designed to make a significant impact. Their strategic placement on the swimbait creates a natural and enticing downward movement, mimicking the behavior of wounded prey and triggering aggressive strikes.

Don't settle for average results. Elevate your fishing game to new depths of success with the Depth Charge Interchangeable Swimbait Chin Weights. Order yours today and prepare to unleash the power of precision in your pursuit of the ultimate trophy!

3 Per Pack