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Samaki Turbo Aerator is a powerful yet compact aerator. It is housed in a tough blue anodized aluminium case for impact and water resistance. Complete with hose and airstone fittings, this aerator is a must have for boat and land based anglers alike. Running on AA batteries the Turbo Aerator lasts for 18 hrs and has the option to plug into your car accessory port through a DC cord and also USB port (both also included).


  • Powered by 12V DC (cigarette lighter) or 2xAA batteries for 18 hours of handy mobile use
  • Aluminium housing for impact and water resistance
  • 12V DC charge cables
  • 60cm clear hose fitted to a filter stone
  • Filter stone provides optimum air quality
  • 12V DC battery clips
  • 12V USB Chord
  • Note: Batteries not included

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