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Cast big baits with absolute confidence with the all-newCalcutta Conquest MD. Shimano engineered these technology-packed reels forlarge swimbait anglers looking for power and dependability when targetingtrophy-size fish with heavyweight lures. The Calcutta Conquest MD featuresShimano's rigid Hagane body, Micromodule gearing and Infinity Drive forultimate strength and performance. By utilising a Cross Carbon Drag, CalcuttaConquest MD packs an astonishing 8 kilograms of drag output. Additionally, therevolutionary SVS MD Tune Braking system and a synchronised levelwind providesanglers maximum adjustability when casting large swimbaits, glidebaits and softplastic paddle tail swimbaits, while minimising backlashes. Not limited tofreshwater fishing, the Calcutta Conquest MD features Shimano's X-Protecttechnology for increased durability in saltwater. Calcutta Conquest MD is theultimate big bait overhead reel.